The automated defense is an instrument to support other forms of defense. It'll be useful mainly at the beginning of the learning process. It's a technology we're developing to identify non-physical aggression and generate proper and effective reactions to it.

Basic rule

Communication with psychopath is just a vaste of energy so leave it to the machine.

Risk of abuse = zero

The aggressor doesn't have access to this form of defense, so he cannot manipulate or influence you this way. Neither artificial intelligence you use cannot be manipulated.

Time to reach the outcome = instant results

Artificial intelligence or our expert immediately identifies the act of non-physical aggression and generates a reaction that puts a stop to it.

Outcome predictability = what's predictable here is foremost an instant relief

When in a stressful situation, you'll almost immediately be provided with several possible reactions. You'll see an adequately executed defense and eventually stop making the same mistakes all over again. The aggressor becomes less confident when it comes to attacking. For the first time, you feel like having power over the situation. An antipode of the helplessness that you've been used to so far.

Costs = tens to hundreds of dollars

Considering the cost/performance ratio, short-term costs are spent the most effectively, and the recovery is immediate. In the long term, however, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of the individual defense. You cannot do without it. The automated one should be relied upon only as supplementary and to avert a potential crisis. Your ability to self-defense and your external service independence is crucial.

Examples of results


You drown in never-ending conversations via SMS or e-mail. A new attack follows every reaction. You're prone to explaining yourself even in written communication.


We provide you with automatically generated reactions, which put a stop to the aggression and aggressor's attempts to trigger a pang of guilt in you. It prevents your anxiety attacks from developing.


You're dealing with guilt, triggered not only by the aggressor but also by institutions. They make you clear up absurd accusations. You're in a submissive position, which you're constantly being pushed into. You're explaining your ass off.


Aggressor is confronted properly and effectively. He's the one in a submissive position. He has to explain his meaningless accusation in front of institutions.


You're taking a passive approach, and when it comes to the pressure the institutions put on you, you've given in. You let the stuff like court call-ups, correspondence with advocates and social workers, to get you paralyzed.


We provide you with a strategy for communication with institutions. You get a bunch of answers to various call-ups that involve the aggressor's hallucinations.


Subject examples

Examples of institutions/entities we help our clients to communicate with. 



Teams / organizations / corporations


Consultation outcomes

Putting a stop to stalking

We eliminate the risk of a stalker harassing you and pushing you, which can even turn into a life-threatening situation. The whole communication between you and him will be taken over by the Innocence technology. You just have to look over the statistics to see how long he has been able to face it. You get to learn his main pathological features.

Reaction to an aggression in a written communication and abusive messages

We provide you with automatically generated responses to accusive e-mails or SMS. You'll see immediate effectiveness and eventually find out that the frequency of written attacks has lowered.

Pathology level analysis

We analyze your communication with an aggressor. We tell you whether or not it could be possible to communicate with him constructively and whether it's worth it. We will advise you on a consistent and robust defense if necessary.

Energy and time saving

While someone (either the AI or us) will be generating suitable responses, you'll get a space to recover, plan future activities, and build a social network. You can use the saved energy for things that are more important (kids, self-development, etc.). You deal with the aggressor only through regular output consultations with us. The time will be agreed upon beforehand. The burden of the aggressor getting in touch with you will become less heavy.