Judges, social workers, couple councelors, attornies. Dealing with them can be a tricky business. They can either turn out to be your greatest ally or your worst enemy - depending on the strategy you come up with. Seeing them as a white knight comming to your rescue would be an ill-advised one. Having said that, this is what most people do. Are there any other options though? Absolutely. Let us advise you otherwise.
The role of institutions is usually misunderstood and overestimated. Many people rather gullibly believe that institutions are here to hear out their sob story and defend them against an abuser. It's a very dangerous, unconscious fantasy that leads to a total passivity. Victims get their hopes up about their problems being magically solved for them and give up on defending on their own.

Basic rule

Institutions won't provide a solution for your problem. You need to see them as a tool which has to be properly used. Otherwise you're not doing yourself any favors. The usual outcome of an institutional defense without the safe guilt principles application.

The usual outcome of an institutional defense without the `safe guilt principles` application

Exploitability = high

Pathological people indulge themselves in misusing institutions.

Time needed to reach the outcome = months or even years

Institutions tend to work at a rather slow pace. All their adjudications can be later revised and the process could be never-ending. As a result, institutions could be paralysed for years.

Outcome predictability = lottery

Institutions are vulnerable. They work with rather abstract and naive concepts that can easily be abused. Pathologic people usually do this exactly. Insitutions also quite often build a coalition with an abuser which leads to further traumatisation of the victim and his/her children.

Costs = fortune

A legal proceedings entail inadequate costs in terms of attorneys, expert's reports etc.

Examples of results


Institutions are drowned in agressor's made-up accusations, they accuse you on his behalf and you explain your ass off.


You make instituions work in your favor. The agressor can no longer use them against you.


They make you and/or your children/family go through a mediation process, hearing at the police or at a court and you. You are being traumatised all over again.


You are able to prevent traumatisation, yours and your relatives', by controlling the environment. The institutions make you accept solutions that allow a pathologic person to be dominant – you prevent this from happening. You're the one in control.


Your attorney comes up with a strategy that's not in your favor. He tells you to cooperate or at least act like you are willing to. This goes against the effective defense. It increases your exhaustion as the whole process seems to be never-ending.


You don't just simply accept everything that your attorney tells you. You are no longer in a desperate need of someone who's got the silver bullet. You have a clear-cut strategy that your attorney is carrying out.


Examples of entities

Below you'll find few examples of institutions/entities, which we help our clients with. We teach them to communicate/set up communication strategies in order to minimalize the harm done to our clients/their relatives/co-workers.


Social workers
Family counselors

Týmy / organizace / korporace


Consultation outcomes


Current situaion breakdown and interpretation of an abuser's behaviour including seeking for hidden goals and motives. Set-up of a strategy for disputes and institutions' engagement. Preparation of materials for lawyers etc. while taking into account a personality structure of an opponent.

Communication analysis

We analyze your communication with institutions, point out the mistakes you've made and teach you to communicate more effectively. This will also protect the institutions from an abuser, who will no longer be able to take advantage of them.

Mental preparation and hygiene

We prepare you for what you can go through while dealing with institutions. Rehearsal of proper reactions and improvement of your mental condition. Debriefing and mental hygiene in case of stressful experiences after e.g. the mediation process.


Preventing the coalition agressor – institutions from being built.


Effective stimulation of institutions to work in your favour and provide you with a protection.