The only methodology to defend against





Martial art of psychic defense

You can get a lot of information about sociopaths or people with personality disorders but it doesn't give you any guideline about how to deal with them. You are maybe in touch with this kind of person and you already know it. Perhaps you share with this person your household or your office.


With a little help from your friends

If you get in contact with a narcissist, maybe you can fantasize about healing his disorder but it is a mission impossible. You have only one goal in this case and it is your self-protection first. If you are able to protect yourself you can also protect your family, mainly children.


Make them work for you

Maybe, you don't know anything about the institutions which can possibly interfere with your situation. They can be helpful but you need to know how to communicate with them. There is a danger that the sociopath can misuse them against you. We can support you with communication with the authorities and prevent the damage caused by misusing the authorities by the sociopath.

Automated / Outsourced

To get defended right now

As we said before, you need some time to build your own protection by learning the skills. What to do when you need the help immediately and you have no time to learn anything? There is an option which can help you and it is a technological solution. We can offer you a tool that can generate the right sentences as your response to all of the word attacks instead of you. Isn't that interesting?

Teams and companies

Detect and defend

The absolutely best defense is to recognize them right at the beginning. When and how it is possible can be trained.

In case you allready have such a person in your team we enable you with the ability to manage its destructive behaviour.


Saving self and nearest

Get you in emotional shape and equip you with skills to stop the abusive behaviour with verified techniques.

Defend your nearest and make your social environment defend you.

Institutions can become powerfull bullying instrument. Larn how to make them work for you.