Individual defense is the most effective one. Direct treating a pathological person and self-defense face to face brings the best results. Unfortunately, it is not widely applied. However, other forms of defense are based on this first step. 

Basic rule

It is hard work, and it takes practice. No-one is capable of protecting your mind for you. It is your job. 

Safe guilt's individual defense parameters

Risk of abuse = low

The Safe Guilt technique has been developed as a steady one. It means it is unusable for pathological personalities because applying it makes them suffer. This proven methodology is effective against even the most aggressive individuals (including psychopaths).

Time to reach the outcome = minutes

After becoming familiar with the master level of Safe Guilt method, you will manage to stop every pathological person's aggressivity within few seconds. However, even as an absolute beginner, you will notice that his/her manipulative behavior and tendency to aggress have diminished.

Outcome predictability = the defense is always being lead towards a specific and attainable objective

The Safe Guilt technique defines objectives that are realistic to reach in contact with an abuser. You will be provided with the proper tools to accomplish them. How fast that's going to happen depends on your level of experience.

Costs = hundreds of dollars and then nothing

Initial investments into knowledge and training is hundreds of dollars. After becoming familiar with the technique, you'll be able to use it at no additional costs as it becomes a part of your daily routine.

Examples of results


Every conversation with an aggressor makes you completely fall into despair. Each time you are the one to be blamed for "everything". You want to defend yourself but don't know how. Even if you knew, you wouldn't make it. That's because the situation is so infuriating. You are paralyzed, and all you want is just to get out of it.


The communication with an aggressor frustrates you, but just for a few minutes. You are able to stop the aggression within a short time; the aggressor gives in and intrudes no longer. Soon he tries to do it again (he can't help himself); however, you'll be able to take control of the situation even more quickly.


You and/or your team are blamed for the failure of a team project. You spend a huge amount of time (and your mental capacity for that matter) explaining that you are the one who made all he could and provided the best results. The situation is being escalated.


In one email you stop the escalation.


Even though you've already mastered the skill of self-defense, people around you didn't and keep being attacked (children, co-workers...). Once again you start feeling desperate and try to talk yourself into not defending, as it seems to be in everyone's best interest. You feel guilty for making other people suffer for the sake of your self-defense. The aggressor is blaming you for this, too. As a result, you're paralyzed, desperate, and hopeless.


Even by the slightest sign of the aggressor's selfish behavior, you confront him and prevent the pathological situation from occurring. By doing this, you protect yourself and your surroundings.


Examples of subjects

Examples of relationships we can help you with



Teams / organizations / corporations


Consultation outcomes


Based on your description of what you're going through, we provide you with feedback. We point out the mistakes you are making. Strategies used by most of our clients usually go one against another, and instead of helping their situation with the aggressor, they make it even worse. You will put an end to that.


You'll become capable of clearly identifying non-physical aggression. You will be able to figure out the exact source of uneasy feeling that something is wrong, unfair, etc. The origin of your emotions will be apparent to you. You get to know that your feelings are adequate to the intensity of the aggression you're facing.


Step by step, we teach you to defend yourself against non-physical aggression. The teaching process will be tailor-made to fit your specific situation. In the end, you will be able to analyze all forms of attacks and will have proper reactions handy.


You get to know and understand your emotional and unconscious processes, misused by the aggressor to take control over you. It can only be dealt with within individual consultations since no course in emotions and feelings is possible to create.